Property Site Deal

How to get a EASY property website for R250 per year

1. Play with our 'TEST' site -

Go to go to Property Site.

You can sign into our test site with Username:testsite and Password:testsite.

Do not worry you can not break it, release the child in you and play.

You can change every aspect of the site, the width, the images, the colours, the fonts

Yet the main functionality stays the same and does what a property website does best

2. Re-direct your domain name or get a new domain to point to our servers

Once you have decided to get a property website for R250 a year..

REDIRECT your existing web domain to our servers (, ) details should look like this:

6a. primnsfqdn :
6b. primnsip :
6c. primnsipv6 :
6e. secns1fqdn :

OR or OR Let us create a domain name for you that point to our servers (this cost R200)

3. Once your domain name is sorted out, pay us

R250 + (domain registration cost? R200) = TOTAL

Bank details: account number: 77126474980 FNB savings account

Email us and tell us you payed us.

4. Customise your property site!

Go ahead, customise your site with your own style, choice of colours and images

REMEMBER we offer zero (0) support (that's why the site is cheap)

If you email us with, notification of erros - we will fix it

If you email us with, questions - we will place the answers in the faq's

Payment for the domain is once a year, domain registation and updating cost is seperate, this is all the cost there is.

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Property Site Deal