About Us

A Little Something About Us

RightMove.co.za™! is a website bringing a fresh modern twist to Advertising. As we say, advertising for a new generation. RightMove.co.za™!

Aim to keep advertising free for as long as we can, relying on people advertising on RightMove.co.za™! For income. We vow to keep all your detail save, never to spam you – If you asked us. If you delete your account, we really delete it, we don’t keep anything so don’t be scared or feel like once you give us anything we will pass it on to ‘big brother’.

By making the most of the facilities we all have either at home, at work or in an easily accessible area such as the local library or internet cafe RightMove.co.za™ brings advertising to your finger tips.

Just think about it! Just a few years ago you had to pay expensive advertising costs to news papers and books and pamphlets. Now you can with a few clicks advertise your property, your holiday rental, your beach house, your farm, your car, anything you want to sell, your business, and so the list goes on.

Within the site there are seven main sections which are all easy to navigate, simple to set up and straightforward to manage.

If you have any questions or comments please access the contact us section and email us with your thoughts.

Kind Regards and Happy Clicking!